They Ain’t The Himalayas (Andy Kimber 2003)

Bogong – Bogong – Buffalo – Bogong – Bogong –Bogong – Feathertop – Bogong
Bogong etc – is sung behind/above the verses plus all verse should be sung with correct accent!!

1.      South Africans become quite absurd     E           G
When climbing the steepest Drakensberg   A7       B7
Tanzanians just adore skipping through
The snows on top of Kilimanjaro
Count Dracula had a real strong mania
For the fanged Alps of Transylvania
And Kiwis are forever on tenterhooks
Erf taken away from the peaks of Mt Cook

Well they ain’t the Himalayas and they’re not the Hindu Kush  G F C D
The heights I really care about are deep within the Aussie bush
It’s the Great Dividing Range, which always makes my heartbeat race
With it’s bumpkin flat rotundity and feel forever space

2.         French give up sex – turn into nuns and monks  E    G
When divorced from the aiguille de old Mount Blanc   A7  B7
And Californians turn even madder
Below their sun baked Sierra Nevada
Nepalese never get high level rest
Until they’ve had frost bite on Everest
But for me the place where I feel I belong
Is staring across the spurs from Mt Bogong
Bogong – Bogong – Buffalo – Bogong etc

3.       The Spanish sink to their devoted knees   E   G
As they approach their beloved Pyrenees   A7   B7
Bolivians are not too hard to please
When watching a sunrise from the high Andes
The Japanese cry and whisper “oh gee”
As they soft foot towards Mt Fuji
But for me the view that makes my breath stop
Is the clean white peak of Feathertop


4.       Wild hillbillies will all face extinction    E   G
Removed from the elevated Appalachians   A7   B7
And Scots pull off kilts and get really nervous
If cleaved from the high lands of smured Ben Nevis
Georgians find it rreally rrather gorrgeous
To be trudging through the frozen Caucasus
But for me the sight that makes me crow
Is gazing from the Ovens towards Buffalo   — Bogong – Bogong etc