The Nordic Bowl, on the edge of the Falls Creek resort, has long been a play area for XC skiers and others to enjoy the snow.

The Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM) proposes constructing a sporting oval and mixed use facility at the Nordic Bowl. An application for a planning permit has been submitted to the Minister for Planning Department of Environment Land and Water.

The following information comes from materials posted on the Backcountry Forum.

“The plan also proposes a substantial re-build of the Windy Corner area, the starting point for most XC skiers leaving the village. The plan proposes the demolition of the Windy Corner shelter and the Nordic Bowl Race Hut, to be replaced by Construction of a 110 metre long x 78 metre wide synthetic sports AFL football oval/soccer pitch and a new Multi-purpose building at the Nordic Bowl. The building will include a food and drink outlet, ski hire and shop and multipurpose room and storage.

During the winter off season months the multipurpose area will be cleared and used as a gym/weight training area for sporting groups. The proposed Building and oval will require removal of Native trees and vegetation. Access to the Nordic Bowl would be by bus from the carpark or by skiing via the aqueduct trail from the village. Skiing from the Windy Corner carpark to the Nordic Bowl via the High Plains Rd will no longer be an option as it will cleared of snow and have frequent vehicle traffic”.

Further information is available here.

If you had views on this proposal, you can still send them to the Planning Department. Please see details below. If approved by the minister, the next stage will be to obtain funding for the developments.


You can send a letter to
Attention: Louisa Smith, 1 Smith st, Melbourne, 3000
If you are objecting to the proposal, you must:
– be sent in writing
– include the reasons for the objection
– state how the objector would be affected