Content Producer. Nature Enthusiast.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do

A. Well, I’m 31yrs of age and I grew up in the Southern Highlands, NSW. Most afternoons we’re spent either riding horses with my older Sister (Elly) or playing some kind of imaginary game in the forest with my young Brother (Jesse). At around the age of 12 I found an interest in filming which almost always involved Jesse being propelled off something. 

Jakob Kennedy, Phootstep Films and Amine Yasmin, YES. Snowboards Australia / Slidepath.

Almost 20 years later my favourite thing to do is still film my little bro launching himself. Which has evolved into a career that has taken me across the globe on multiple occasions, introduced me to my childhood hero’s and presented experiences that I never thought possible in my life. 

Q. Do you have a favourite place?

A. Earth, particularly Australia.

Q. What do you see as your life’s work?

A. This is a huge question. And I’m open to change. But for now, I found relevance in being a freelance content producer because I can choose my jobs and therefor the content I add to the flood. 

In my mind nature is everything. My aim is to encourage people into nature. Because I know it’s only a matter of time before they too will fall in love with her. And anything we genuinely love, we protect.

The most effective solutions I have discovered, lie within aboriginal culture. They understand this land better than anyone. To help spread this knowledge is a must in my eyes also.

Q. What influences have had the greatest impact on you as a person?

A. First and foremost, being alone in nature are some of my more cherished memories. Feeling completely alone is a challenging sensation. But I find bliss in the confidence it gives me in my own individual.

DCP Very Alria Method

Q. What gives you most joy?

A. Smiling.

Q. Who are the people you most admire?

A. My family. Immediate and chosen. They know who they are.

Q. What gives you hope?

A. Nature. Hiking, snowboarding, surfing, swimming, watching a sunset etc. Even if it doesn’t shake my concerns for the future, it will at least shift me into a more positive solution based head space. 

Q. Whereabouts on the optimist – pessimist spectrum do you put yourself when it comes to the future of our society and planet?

A. Hmmm… For the planet, she’ll probably be fine. Most likely float around in space for a while longer, heal herself and maybe even develop another species. 

For our society, and I think more importantly the societies that didn’t embark on industrialisation and capitalist growth, seems a bit grim without a significant change in social attitude. It would be nice to see a society where people are valued for their actions and behaviour rather than their perceived financial wealth.

Q. What inspired you to be involved in the project? 

A. One of my best mates and favourite travel buddies of all time, Michaela Davis Meehan, put her sponsor Sun God in touch with me. As soon as I heard the pitch I was sold. Any chance I get to work on a project that aims to enhance our connection with nature, I’m in. 

It had been such a long time since I had worked on a film with Michaela so I was incredibly excited to get another chance. Unfortunately, Covid stopped her being able to travel up to NSW and join us on the Main Range. Truly a sad moment. That said, Lewis and Hugh were such solid company out there and leading up to it. It is my pleasure to have spent that time out there with them and something I will not forget anytime soon. Also a big thank you to G from Sun God who helped organise the whole thing from Switzerland. A lot of trust and patience on her part to allow us to do this justice.

Fire Tree – Jakob Kennedy, Phootstep Films

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