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Mountain Gazette gets another life (2021)

This legendary magazine is back in print after a long hiatus. Review of the first edition. Available here.

Skiing the High Plains

This is one of the finest books written about the Australian Alps. Self published by Harry Stephenson in 1982 and long out of print, this compilation of essays about the development ok skiing in Victoria is exhaustive. Coming in at almost 500 pages, it must have been a massive effort. It is an incredible cultural history of skiing, based on a series of stories and recollections from key players in the development of skiing in the state.

Skiing the Western Faces Kosciusko

A classic by Alan Andrews, about skiing the big western slopes of the Main Range of the Snowy Mountains. Part guide book, part love story to the Alps.

The author says the book is not so much a guide to skiing the western slopes as ‘a companion volume that might instil in you or remind you of its joys’.

Tabletop Books (1993)

 The King of Hotham: My Father.

An account of Lindsay Salmon by Gillian Salmon of her father’s life and times as one of the founders of Mt Hotham village. (2014).

Flow mountain bike magazine

1st issue 2012, review available here.

A Night on a Mountain in Namadgi National Park

Barrie Ridgway, 2012. Ebook available via Blurb.

Day walks in Victoria

Glenn Tempest, Open Space Publishing (2011)

Tasmanian Summits to Sleep On (2011)
Kevin Doran, foreword by Bryce Courtenay. 128 pp, published by Desdichado.

Abels Volume 2 (2011)
a book about the ‘Abels’ – Tasmania’s mountains over 1,100 metres in height.
Bill Wilkinson, 212 pages.

Old Growth. Australia’s remaining ancient forests (2009)
Peter McConchie, Hardy Grant publishing.