As a painter and occasional sculptor my main focus has always been on the environment. I grew up in the country on the outskirts of Melbourne, surrounded by bush. I began drawing the natural world around me from a very early age.

I have travelled extensively throughout Australia, seeking to capture the essence of this vast empty land; an island continent with a unique ecology, that has evolved in isolation over millions of years to resemble no other place on earth.

Parallel to my fascination with the Australian landscape, I have always been involved in community arts: Working with El Salvadorian refugees in Melbourne, disadvantaged kids in Nicaragua, aboriginal people in remote communities, and diverse ethnic groups in my local area of Central Victoria.

I am presently living in Barkers Creek, near Castlemaine with my partner in a house we built ourselves out of recycled materials.

Ben’s work on this site:

Greetings from Wonnangatta

Greetings from Dinner Plane

Greetings from Cradle Mountain