The Jaithmathangs are a range of peaks along the western edge of the Bogong High Plains in north eastern Victoria. They face our onto the impressive east face of Mt Feathertop. They were long known as ‘The Niggerheads’. They were renamed in 2009, after consultation with the local Indigenous community.

This sparked considerable controversy, with representatives of the Dhudhuroa people opposing the renaming. An article from the ABC is available here.

‘Renaming after 30 years’, another account, explaining why the name was used, can be found here. According to this report, “After 30 years of consultation, debate and controversy, the ‘Niggerhead’ name was replaced with the name of one of the traditional languages of the area, Jaithmathang (pronounced: Yate-me-tung)”.

The Jaithmathangs, mid winter
Feathertop and the Jaithmathangs