There are two options:

The website


We welcome contributions of news, stories, photos, and video at any time.

If its mountain related, then its relevant. Although this site is primarily about Australian mountains, anything that celebrates mountains or mountain culture from around the world is most welcome.

Please email articles to me, ideally with a photo or two to go with the story (saved separately as JPEGs), a brief bio of you (a couple of sentences should be fine), and add whatever contact details you would like included with the article (eg your email address or website).

There are no word limits or deadlines for the online stories.

I can found via:

Mountain Journal is 100% volunteer run and has no external funding, so we cannot pay you for content. You will, however, be widely read in important literary establishments: mountain huts as diverse as Derricks, Cleve Cole and the Schlink Hilton.

The magazine

An annual edition of a printed magazine is produced in autumn. 1,000 copies are printed and distributed for free across south eastern Australia. You can find more information here.

Contributions are welcome.

The sections are:

News from Home – covering environmental news from lutruwita/ Tasmania and the Australian Alps. Contributions are welcome: emerging issues, updates on campaigns, etc relevant to mountain environments. Ideally less than 200 words.

Around the Camp Fire – these are ‘chats with mountain people’. They are an interviews/ profiles with people with connection to the mountains (eg a skier, a tour guide, a firefighter, researcher, etc). Ideally limit to 400 words, which is roughly a page of the magazine with a photo. Please include an image or two, as JPEGs.

Photo essays and longer articles. We are happy to run two longer articles with strong images each edition. These can be up to 800 words, with multiple images, and a brief bio about the author. Recent stories include a trail run through the Central Highlands of Victoria, a historic piece on the hut at Davey Plain in NSW, and an article about plans to expand the Alpine national park in Victoria.

Mountain Culture – any updates on mountain related themes – book reviews, details on new films, podcasts, events, etc. Short is good, with a web link so people can find out more.

Off track. This is a visual story with up to 400 words of text, focused on an unusual adventure. Previous editions have included a pack rafting descent of the Dargo River and paragliding on the Central Plateau in lutruwita/ Tasmania. As this is a visual feature, please send at least 4 images for consideration.


We are always keen to get images for the cover. Send ’em through!