Mt Feathertop from the Bogong High Plains, VIC. Our alpine areas are at risk from climate change

The Victorian government is in the final stages of deciding what type of Climate Bill it will deliver as part of it’s election commitments.

Similar Bills in other places – for instance Scotland – have set ambitious greenhouse emissions reductions targets (42% by 2020). We must urge the Victorian government to deliver a strong, world leading Bill. But the final decision about the Bill is being taken now.

Please consider taking action today.

Simply cut and paste the following letter into an email, personalise with a bit of info about yourself (for instance “I appreciate skiing/ snow boarding and want winters to be there for years to come”, add your contact details at the end, and send to the Premier:

Possible subject line:
I support a strong Climate Bill.

Please cc us a copy so we know how many emails have gone:

While this is specifically aimed at the Victorian government, letters from around Australia and elsewhere will still be useful.

This is our first attempt to mobilise the winter sports community on climate change here in Australia. Please consider circulating this alert to your friends and contacts.

Organised by Protect our Winters Australia.

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Many thanks
Cam Walker

Premier John Brumby

A strong climate change Bill for Victoria
– our best chance to get it right on climate change

Dear Premier,

I strongly support the commitment by the Victorian government to create a ”landmark” climate change Bill.

The collapse of the federal government’s emissions trading scheme now puts extra pressure on the states to cut emissions.

As one of your many constituents who enjoys winter sports, I am deeply aware of how climate change will impact on my recreation.

However, climate change and more variable winters are realities that we, as a community now live with each season. As your government has acknowledged, winter recreation plays a significant role in our state economy.

Climate change is a threat to our local economy, many jobs, and the vitality of the unique communities that draw thousands of tourists each year to the mountain resorts and surrounding regions.

Strong climate legislation will create thousands of new jobs and move us towards a new, renewable energy economy, while protecting the winter season that fuels our passions and drives much of the local economy in the alpine regions.

I urge you to ensure that your government delivers an ambitious, whole of government climate Bill as part of it’s 2010 election platform. Please make sure it remains true to the pre-2006 election commitment to force emission cuts at coal-fired power stations.

Such a Bill would be very well received by the majority of Australians who understand the need for decisive action on climate change.

A strong, whole of government Bill is our best chance to get it right on climate change.