As global heating makes fire seasons longer and more intense, we will need additional capacity to fight fires. An incredibly important part of fire fighting efforts involves stopping small fires caused by lightning strikes before they become major blazes.

planes and helicopters are one tool we have to stop these fires, especially in remote areas. So are ground crews. Both NSW and Tasmania have volunteer teams who work with career firefighters to stop fires in remote areas like national parks. We think it’s time Victoria set up a team. 

There is support among volunteer and career firefighters for this idea. This form will allow us to demonstrate to the state government that there is interest from people in joining such a team.

Signing up to this form does not bind you to anything. It simply indicates your interest, and will be used (in an anonymous form) in our efforts to convince the government to establish and fund a volunteer remote area firefighting team. We also think that this idea will create opportunities for people based in cities who fall outside the normal catchment area to be a CFA member.

Background information on the proposal can be found here.