The Alps are at risk from climate change. Without serious and concerted action now to reduce greenhouse emissions on a global scale, the future of the Alps looks very uncertain, even just a few decades into the future.

This section is unashamedly activist in it’s approach and will cover a range of issues – the natural environment, climate change, current campaigns and developments.

Alpine grazing

climate change


Park management issues, including proposals for new parks in the Alps (check the right hand CONTENTS section for extra items)

Current action alerts

Stirling alpine link proposal (VIC) 2011

Logging proposed for Glen Wills (VIC) 2010

‘Skyway’ proposal for Mt Buffalo (VIC) 2010

Other resources & links

For details on environmental groups in the Alps region, check the groups section.

Information on Feral Horses in the High Country.

Save Kosciuszko campaign. From the Coolong Foundation in NSW, detailing “Threats to Kosciuszko and the environment group’s proposals for park protection and management”.