The Mountain Journal website started back in the summer of 2010. Inspired by great magazines like Mountain Gazette, the plan had always been to produce a print version. But I never got around to it – until now!

This is the annual Mountain Journal magazine. It is distributed through mountain and valley towns from Melbourne to Canberra. We generally print 1,000 copies and distribute them for free in suitable venues. We always try to leave a few in mountain huts we visit. If you can’t track one down, get in touch. We can post you a copy (we ask $5 to cover costs).

2023 edition

MJ3 coverThe 2023 edition is currently being distributed (May 2023). Keep an eye out for it in venues in mountain and valley towns, or your favourite mountain hut.

You can read a PDF version (and many individual stories) here.



News from Home – environmental news from lutruwita/ Tasmania and the Australian Alps

Around the Fire – chats with mountain people

Mountain Culture

Off track – paddling rivers in a wet spring

Get in touch if you’re looking for a print copy.

2022 edition

The second edition is a collaboration with Mandy Lamont of Lamont magazine. It will be distributed across resorts, valley towns and regional centres in early June.

You can read the magazine as a pdf here.

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.09.08 amCONTENTS MJ#2

Fire – updates on life in the Pyrocene

News from home – environmental updates from across the mountains

Around the campfire – some chats with mountain people: the theme this year is Giving back to the mountains – and features interviews and profiles of guides, activists, trail groomers, firefighters, community builders, and many more

Mountain Culture – new films, magazines, podcasts, and things we love

Offtrack  – an epic pack rafting adventure on the Dargo River, from the headwaters at Mt Hotham to the pub at Dargo

2021 edition

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 8.26.19 pmThe first print edition is (covid lockdowns permitting) slowly surfacing in cafes, mountain huts and public spaces across the Alps.

You can read the journal as a PDF here, but if you enjoy print, I can also post you a copy.

Just email me your postal details and I will send one. If you can afford $7 to cover printing and postage that would be great, but no stress if you can’t.

Its 36 pages, full colour, and hopefully inspires you to get out in the hills.