Community members from the Strathbogie region have again taken direct action today – the International Day of Forests– to prevent the ongoing, needless destruction of Strathbogie’s forests.

Local group Our Strathbogie Forest reports:

Erecting a monopole over machinery used for the timber-harvesting to stop the machinery being used, and also entered the logging coupe to prevent any logging.

“This is part of a determined, ongoing community campaign to protect the remaining un-logged forest in the Barjarg Flat coupe”, said Shirley Saywell, Euroa Environment Group President and local business operator. “We will not stop until the Government listens to our community and acts!”
‘Daniel Andrews and Minister D’Ambrosio have so far failed to listen to the community’s concerns and failed to act to help protect this part of Victoria and its known populations of threatened wildlife, even though they have the powers to do so right now. The community will not stand by and watch the needless destruction of these forests and threatened animals. The community cares about its local biodiversity and natural environment, even if the Government does not, and has decided it has no choice but to intervene directly.

‘On International Day of Forests, of all days, we will not stand by and see the natural values of our region destroyed for wood chips and firewood. We call upon the Minister and Premier to act upon our concerns, intervene now and halt the logging. That action would show genuine Government leadership on this International Day of Forests”