Anyone who has been to Hobart has probably been up Mt Wellington (kunanyi), the charismatic mountain that sits over the city. The road up the mountain allows you to get from sea level to an alpine environment with incredible views with just a short drive.

While there is an ongoing fight to stop a cable car which has been proposed for the mountain, the mountain top itself is largely undeveloped. Hobart City Council has just started a process to include Pinnacle Rd as a heritage-listed item in the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

The heritage listing will allow for regular maintenance of the road but require any major upgrades to consider its historic and natural heritage values.

It is hoped the 7km stretch of road, from the turn-off at the Springs to the summit of Mt Wellington, will become a tourism drawcard in its own right.

The road was built between 1934-37, when the state government using the project to provide work for thousands of unemployed men during the Depression.

The road, known as “Ogilvie’s Scar” at the time, resulted in motor access to the top of Mt Wellington – providing the state with a new tourism asset.

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