As shown by the enormous rally held earlier this month, there is significant public opposition to the plan to build a cable up the face of kunayi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart.

The owners of the Cascade Brewery have been under pressure to distance themselves from the project, as the proponent has been hoping to access land owned by Cascade in South Hobart to use as the base for the cable car.

It would appear that the proponent is now seeking to use a different route up the mountain. They have been informed that they will need reapply for government approval if they decide to do so.

Peter Gutwein, the Minister for State Growth, and who is very supportive of the development, has been forced to act. In a statement released on May 17,  he said that given that the proponent (Mt Wellington Cable Car Co, or MWCC) are ‘considering a shortened route I have sought advice as to whether the Authority that allows it to undertake site investigations for the purposes of preparing a planning application to the Hobart City Council needs to be reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

While I note the company has not yet formally determined the final route, I advised the MWCC late yesterday that it will need to apply for a new Authority should they wish to proceed with a shortened route.

‘The government is supportive of a cable car for kunanyi/Mount Wellington and I will now await the MWCC’s decision on whether it will continue with the route comprising a terminal in the vicinity of Cascade, or whether it wishes to proceed on the basis of a shortened route within the confines of the Park.’

Local residents group Respect the Mountain – No Cable Car notes that if there was a change in proposed route, ‘the Government remains committed, the Organ Pipes remain in the developers sights, and the peaceful valley of Old Farm Road remains under the threat of being turned into a highway for tourists’.