A hearing is taking place this morning, Thursday 9 July, in the NSW Land and Environment Court regarding the management of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park.


The NSW Land and Environment Court has ruled the urgent removal of feral horses from important fragile conservation areas in northern Kosciuszko National Park can proceed.

Snowy Mountains Brumby Sustainability Management Group lodged an injunction in the NSW Land and Environment Court, however the court today rejected the group’s application, and the removal of horses, which includes rehoming, can now proceed.

“The activity is a subject of the horse plan of management and carried out within its terms,” Justice Sandra Duggan said in dismissing the action.

Further information here > https://reclaimkosci.org.au/2020/07/17/court-clears-way-for-horse-removal/

The following text comes from the Reclaim Kosci media release. We will provide an update at the end of the hearing.

“The planned trapping and removal of some feral horses from parts of Kosciuszko National Park is part of an emergency response aimed at aiding the recovery of the sensitive alpine environment in the wake of last summer’s devastating bushfires,” Reclaim Kosci spokesperson Anthony Sharwood said.

“The trapping process was originally due to start in late May or early June. It is now July and we could again face delays.”

Just 99 horses have been removed from Kosciuszko National Park in almost three years. 

“All evidence suggests that without management, the horse population will continue to grow,” Mr Sharwood said.

“If we don’t start managing the horse population now, the damage to our native wildlife, river catchments and alpine bogs that have already been threatened by fire, will only get worse.”

Feral horse numbers are growing at more than 20 per cent a year. There is no option but to manage them and stop Australia’s largest alpine national park from becoming a giant horse paddock.


Reclaim Kosci report:

Today’s NSW Land and Environment Court hearing regarding the planned trapping of feral horses in the north of Kosciuszko National Park post-fires has been adjourned to next Friday July 17. We’ll keep you updated!


Check the link for further information:  >> NSW government details of post-fire recovery plan

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