There has been a long community campaign against plans by a ‘tourism entrepreneur’ to establish a private tourism venture on a small island in a conservation area on the Central Plateau of lutruwita/ Tasmania. There have been various legal challenges and a strong community campaign against this privatisation of public space.

Now it has been reported that the development has powers of eviction and the right to install surveillance cameras. It is possible that fines and even prison terms could apply for walkers and fishers who attempt to step onto the island.

Halls Island sits on Lake Malbena in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Daniel Hackett wants to develop accommodation on the island and fly tourists to the site by helicopter to offer a ‘high-end tourism experience’.

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Many citizens might express concern that public land is treated as the ‘property’ of a tourism developer.

Given the other proposals for commercial developments on public lands in Tasmania, many fear that this would mark the start of a large-scale opening up of previously protected Tasmanian wilderness.

The Hacketts will pay $6,000 annually in rent to the state’s Parks and Wildlife Service in the first five years of their business operation, while charging customers $4,500 a head.

You can follow the campaign against this proposal via the Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access Tasmania facebook page.