I can relate to this post from Christie Hampton, from the site Snowsbest.

Christie lists a bunch of things to do to keep occupied and active while waiting for winter to arrive.

How to quench your cravings for snow

Christie Hampton reveals where to find the next best thing to a ski or snowboard fix while you wait for winter.

Autumn is a fickle time of year. The cooler temperatures have probably triggered your desire to ski or board, an itch that won’t be scratched until those snowflakes start to fall but, let’s face it, that could still be months away.

So what can you do to keep the dragon at bay until then? Here’s a few activities that will help satisfy your need for high speed, perilous and expeditious activities until the white stuff hits the ground.

She identifies mountain biking, trampolining, skateboarding, surfing and indoor skiing as good time fillers til the white stuff arrives. She also has some good leads on where to do each of these activities.

You can read her article here.

Rodway Range, TAS
Rodway Range, TAS

For my money, the best pre-winter warm-ups are:

  • mountain biking (living in Central Victoria helps, mountain biking is obligatory for all adults)
  • boulder hopping (you may need to go to Tassie for that one)
  • getting some extra miles in rock climbing – before it gets too wet and cold
  • doing skiing exercises while watching skiing or boarding films (beer is optional)
  • planning winter trips and locking your friends into dates (get it in writing)
  • hanging out on the backcountry forum, arguing about gear, trips, and snow reports.

What are you up to? (you could always post a pic on facebook).