The long running campaign to stop the development of a cable car up the face of Mt Wellington/ kunanyi in Hobart just had a fantastic victory. The owners of the Cascade Brewery, whose land is needed for the project to be viable in it’s current form, have ruled out selling or leasing land to the proponent.

David Killick, writing in the Mercury newspaper reports that:

“THE owner of the Cascade Brewery has ruled out selling or leasing land to the company which wants to build a cable car on Mt Wellington.

Carlton and United Breweries said they had held talks with the Mt Wellington Cable Car Company and were not convinced the project had community support.

Initial plans for the cable car indicated the company’s historic brewery could be used as a terminus.

But talks between the cable car proponent and the brewer had failed.

“CUB will not sell or lease any Cascade land to the Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) for its proposed cable car on kunanyi/Mount Wellington,” the company said in a statement released on its website.

“CUB’s decision follows discussions with the MWCC and extensive consultations over the past year, including with local residents and various community groups.

“CUB was also not satisfied that the MWCC had been successful in winning broad support from the community for its proposed cable car.”

The company said the proposal to build a cable car on Mount Wellington would change the mountain and Hobart.

“We are not satisfied that we, as a company, should be making such a momentous decision on behalf of Tasmanians,” it said.

“Cascade has operated from the foothills of Mount Wellington for almost two centuries.

“We have been privileged to share a special relationship with Mount Wellington, Hobart and the local community that have supported us.

“As a company we have a special responsibility and commitment to both the community and the mountain.

“Cascade has been in the heart of Tasmanians since 1824 because we’ve been a great brewer who has earned the strong and loyal support of Tasmanians.

“We want to concentrate on doing what we do best — brewing and creating jobs and opportunities for the people of Tasmania.”

For a background to the cable car and the campaign against it, please check here.

CONGRATULATIONS to Respect the Mountain and the residents groups and many individuals in the community who have worked so hard towards this outcome.