Mountain Sports Collective has released the definitive skiing and riding guide to Mt Bogong. This is a first edition which will be refined through feedback from users.

It is available for $15 from MSC.

MSC say:

“This is the first edition of the Bogong Ski Touring and Mountaineering Guide / Map and it’s pretty spot on with thanks to everyone who had input into this project. The main objective is to set in place some terrain ratings and associated area names that up until now have made for a ‘mixed bag’ of reference terms. For you the user this is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the mountain like never before. The Guide consists of two sides of an A3 fully laminated and folded map page with topos on one side and the corresponding map on the back. The legend is an extra seperate page to save space on the map for the all important detail of the mountain”.

This is a first edition and users are encouraged to let us know about suggested changes, including the names of the runs.If there’s is a conflicting point of view over what run / bowl / ridge or face is named here, now is the time to collaborate and get it all straight for the second edition.’

NB: If you’re a 2017 Founding Member, then you will receive a map as a part of that membership deal and do not need to purchase one.

Please note: these maps are being printed at present and will be mailed once they are received, so it may take a week or two to get to you.

You can order it here.