On Oct 13 Clycle 2018 will leave Federation Square in Melbourne, with the plan to cycle all the way to Canberra via the Australian Alps.

Clycle 2018 is described by the organiser as a ‘non-charity’ bike ride. The idea is that instead of pledging money, supporters pledge ‘actions’ that will help to fight climate change. This is an unsupported trip so riders need to be fit and competent in remote areas and able to ride long distances (they expect to average 80 – 100 kilometres a day).

The organiser Peter Foot says “I’m riding a bicycle from Melbourne to Canberra, a distance of 1000km, whilst carrying an inflatable elephant. I’m doing this to bring attention to the climate crisis (the elephant in the room), and to start conversations about this most pressing of issues. It’s the largest threat to our way of life, yet it is rarely discussed in the media, or in polite company, and I want to change this.”

Grand Departure: 9am, Saturday 13th of October, Federation Square Melbourne.

There is a facebook page available here.

There is a great list of actions you can pledge to take on climate change on the website (ideally you will post about them on the Adventure Cycling website).

The route looks amazing: heading east from Melbourne through the Dandenongs, the Upper Yarra to Warburton, into the Yarra Ranges National Park and Marysville, then north of the divide, Mansfield then back roads to Myrtleford. Into the Upper Murray and finally over Dead Horse Gap to Jindabyne and then the Monaro Tablelands to Canberra.

The information below comes from the organiser and is intended for potential riders. If you want to pledge an action to the ride, or want to know why we’re doing it, head over to: http://www.adventurecyclingvictoria.com/blog/clycle-2018

How long is it?
It’s about 1000km, starting in Melbourne and finishing in Canberra. Here’s a map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28523877

Who can come?
You. You can come.

How long do I have to ride for?
Any length you like. You can come for the whole 1000km to Canberra, or you can just join us for a day.

How fast are we going to ride?
Honestly, I don’t know. Probably somewhere around 80-100km/day, on average. My style of riding is to play it by ear. You can ride with me, or you can do it on your own, in your own way.

Is it supported?
No. This is not a supported ride. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety.

Do I need to do anything?
If you want to take part in the Climate Cycle, it would be great if you could ask at least a few people to support you by pledging an action on your behalf. But if all you want to do is turn up and ride, hey, that’s fine too. You’re still there, making the ride bigger and better. There’s one thing you must do: bring some sort of mascot that will attract attention and give people an excuse to come and talk to you. This will start a conversation about climate—conversations we badly need to have. I’m taking an inflatable elephant.

Some info about the route:
Apart from any climate change-y stuff, this will simply be an awesome ride that takes you on some of the best back roads and trails between Melbourne and Canberra. I’m super excited to do it myself! I spent a fair bit of time putting together this route. I chose it on the following criteria.

• to be achievable for a novice cycle tourist, yet has some challenges for more experienced riders
• to be away from traffic as much as possible, without being super-remote
• to be scenic, and offer a variety of experiences
• to be doable in a standard touring or gravel bike

It takes you all the way out of Melbourne on bike paths, and makes use of four different rail trails in its entirety. It takes you through the Dandenongs, the Yarra Valley, the Yarra Ranges, the Cathedral Ranges, the Australian Alps and the high country. It goes past Mount Kosciusko, Lake Eildon, and a few breweries. There’s a fair bit of gravel, and some challenging climbs without it being an insane sufferfest. See you there!