A new logging coupe (the ‘Bus Loop’ coupe) is about to be logged near Mt Stirling. The trees are a mixture of (very old) snowgums, and alpine ash, only some of which is suitable for making sawlogs.

This coupe exists within the area proposed for inclusion in the Stirling Alpine Link (SAL).

The policy of the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) regarding Mount Stirling is that land west of the King River, including Mount Stirling and some of the Mansfield State Forest, should be added to the Alpine National Park as a seamless extension. This is referred to as the “Stirling Alpine Link”.

Both the VNPA and Friends of Mount Stirling take a strong interest in any logging activities within the State Forest sections of the SAL. Both groups believe the planned logging should be cancelled.

We will post updates on the status of the coupe as they become available.