With a growing number of businesses and groups offering backcountry tours and skills, we will run some profiles to give you a sense of what’s available.

Check this earlier profile of Lets Split and check below for details on Snowy Mountains Backcountry. More profiles of other businesses coming soon. You can check here for details on all the courses and touring companies that I’m aware of here.

Snowy Mountains Backcountry (SMBC) is a local backcountry guiding business founded on over 20 years skiing and guiding experience in the Snowy Mountains with an intimate knowledge of the local backcountry. A variety of programs are offered from introductory backcountry courses through to demanding arduous tours. There is a pathway for our clients from a beginner BC skier to a ski mountaineer. SMBC are offering guided tours onto the western faces of the Main Range where clients will learn techniques and equipment usage to manage themselves in steep terrain.

snowy BC1SMBC is located in the Guthega Mountain Centre at Guthega in Perisher Resort nestled in between the Perisher Range and the Main Range, with the upper Snowy River flowing very nearby. With the superb ski touring slopes of the Main Range, Guthega River area and The Paralyser Range at the doorstep, it is ideally located in the sub alpine at one of the best trail head departure points for backcountry touring in Australia. This is where SMBC tours commence, starting off with an equipment familiarity, route overview and safety brief.

At SMBC HQ we provide:

  • Guided Ski Touring, and Snowshoeing
  • Backcountry Rentals: Ski Touring Skis, Adjustable Poles & Skins, Snow Shoes
  • Backcountry Essentials Retail

We are extremely well placed at the Guthega trail head to service last minute purchases prior to touring or for those ducking back in to resupply or replace broken items.

SMBC will commence operations in winter mode this coming ski season 2019 with plans to expand into a four season operation in the future.

SMBC HQ is located in The Guthega Mountain Centre which was the original Ski Centre building to service the Guthega ski resort. It has been all but closed up other than a small downhill rental and ticket sales which Perisher has run since they took over Guthega and Blue Cow resorts in 1995. The opening of SMBC HQ with a suitable operational space will breathe life back into the superbly located dwelling that sits at the foot of the Main Range. SMBC HQ will develop as the backcountry hub for BC enthusiasts

Doug Chatten is the owner operator of SMBC & has had a profile as a backcountry skier for over 20years. He is a dedicated backcountry enthusiast with over 25years intimate local knowledge of the Snowy Mountains.

He is also ambassador for MONT ADVENTURE EQUIPMENT & Bentley Sports (K2, G3, BCA, FRITSCHI)  https://www.mont.com.au/doug-chatten

Backcountry skiing MAIN RANGE Snowy Mountains & overseas locations for over 25 years

15 years full time professional ski patrolling at Perisher

Long time Backcountry Editor for theSKImag & Creator of Crags Creature cartoon, the environmental guardian of the Main Range

Outdoor educator & Trainer

For further information, please check the SMBC website.