With continued snowfalls expected this week, we’re looking as if we will have a proper (settled) base across higher ranges and hence an early start to the ‘season’ (yes, ‘ski season’ is just a capitalist construct).

You’re probably planning trips. Here are a few resources that might help:

The ski wiki guide to Australian backcountry skiing and riding

The fantastic guide to riding the western faces of the Snowy Mountains from Huck and Dyno

The guide to skiing the Mt Howitt area in the central Victorian Alps

Here’s my ‘best 3’ backcountry trips list

Check here for a list of backcountry related events, guided touring and avalanche training courses.

The backcountry forum is always a good place to ask questions about conditions, access to peaks, and other trip related matters.

Check here for the ever popular ‘sidecountry guide’ to Mt Hotham.

Maybe it’s time to (re)visit Mt Bogong? Get a copy of the great MSC map to Bogong here.