Avalanche Training Australia (ATA) is the Australian arm for avalanche training courses of Whiteroom in Australia. ATA as a brand is new over the past few years but Whiteroom has been running courses in Australia for many years.

Avalanche Training Australia is licensed by Avalanche NZ to offer accredited 2-day Avalanche Awareness and 4-day Backcountry Avalanche Avoidance courses during the Australian winter.

Staffed by accredited skilled trainers who have run these successful educational programs for multiple years in Japan, New Zealand & Australia, and have backgrounds in snow safety operations, ski patrol & public forecasting. Trainers include Ronan Maguire, Guide Operations Manager for Whiteroom with a background in public forecasting, avalanche dog handling & a former Mt Hutt Snow Safety Officer, Ross McSwiney, who is the Whiteroom Japan Operations Manager, 20 plus years as a Thredbo Patroller, 10 years guiding in Japan plus a background in education & training along with selected members of their Japan guiding operation.

Avalanche Training Australia is the only training provider running the New Zealand accredited courses outside NZ. The provision of these worldwide recognised courses allows both industry professionals and recreational backcountry enthusiasts the chance to gain practical skills during the Australian winter that they can take with them wherever they travel in the mountains throughout the world.

The Avalanche Awareness 2 Day Course is designed for people that want to step out past the resort boundaries and learn the fundamentals of avalanche avoidance. The course has a mixture of theory and practical application in the field. The focus of this course will surround avalanche terrain identification and own party rescue.

The next step on avalanche education pathway is the 4-day Backcountry Avalanche Avoidance Course. When travelling in the backcountry, identifying avalanche terrain is a must. Great days can be had during higher periods of danger if you can read the terrain you are in. This 4-day course will begin to teach the students how to pre-trip plan for a day out past the rope lines and look at weather forecasting & basic avalanche forecasting to have a safe day in the snow.

These courses are not only important skill sets to obtain if you plan on travelling in the backcountry but can also be used as a pathway to jobs in the snow industry. They provide the prerequisites for professional courses in the study of Avalanche Phenomena as well as a requirement for Instructors to obtain the ISIA stamp.

For further information please follow the link www.avalanchetraining.com.au or call 0407 412 190.