Mark Oates has made some great backcountry films. The following is an update about his most recent winter traverse of the Australian Alps Walking Track, which he did with his brother last winter. He will be uploading a ‘snap shot’ video of each day of the trip, starting today. Check the link for a daily update of mountain goodness.

Mark says:

‘It’s a year ago today that my brother Andy and I set out to complete a 2nd winter traverse of the Australian Alps Walking Track.

This is a 660km route through Australia’s highest mountains from Walhalla, near Melbourne, to Canberra. Much of it is covered in snow in winter however the hardest parts are perhaps the areas below the snowline that link the ‘high country’ together.

Due to life being so busy I hadn’t even looked at more than a couple of minutes of our video footage until a few days ago. I have decided though that it is about time I actually did something with the many hours of footage we took. My plan is to produce a short 2 to 3 minute video for each of our daily adventures.

These will be incorporated into my website of our trip at:

This means that I wiIl be aiming to edit and upload one each day for the next 35 days.

Given I am back at work after 3-months away overseas and I will be involved in several camps during this time it is going to be a major challenge for me. As such the edits are likely to be quite rough but hopefully they tell our story in a way that words and photos cannot. This is a super short trailer of what you can expect. I hope you enjoy following our journey’.

Check the trailer (episode 0) here.