The Climate Cycle to Canberra is an unsupported, adventurous, ‘non-charity’ bike ride from Melbourne to Canberra in aid of emergency climate action in Australia.

Unlike a standard charity ride, riders ask supporters for pledges of ‘action’ rather than money. These actions are aimed at moving us towards our political goals.

The riders say: ‘we want to create the conditions in which an effective, society-wide response to the climate crisis is possible. The first step is to get our politicians to declare a climate emergency’.

The main ride will be departing from Federation Square in Melbourne at 9am on Saturday the 23rd of November.

They encourage others to join them in riding but say ‘This is not an organised event. It is a loose collection of people riding towards Canberra on a roughly similar schedule. There will be no sag-wagon, no drink stations, no first aid backup. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety. Whatever situation you may get yourself in, you’ll have to get yourself out of.

Having said that, we are a welcoming and friendly bunch, and we will truly be chuffed to have you joining us, or doing your own ride using our resources’.

After leaving Melbourne and travelling through South Gippsland, the ride will head through the Alps via Dargo to Harrietville, and there may be some sort of half-way event at Bright Brewery. Then it will head into the Upper Murray Valley and across the NSW Alps.

The entire route crosses the alps twice, and goes through some remote areas. Riders will need a good amount of fitness and experience. In Canberra we will be staging some sort of event outside parliament house which will likely involve some politicians.

For details on the ride please check here.

They also have a facebook and instagram page: