Act on Climate Victoria, the climate change campaign at Friends of the Earth Victoria, has launched an interactive map which shows details of climate change impacts on local communities, businesses and landscapes across the state.

It notes that snow cover has declined across the Alps since the 1950s. You can submit your observations of climate change impacts for inclusion in the map.

The group says:

‘The map is the latest project from Friends of the Earth that aims to identify the frontlines of the climate crisis, that is, those who are the first affected by its impacts. While its findings certainly do not yet depict the doomsday scenario we often imagine, they are nevertheless highly disturbing. We should all be concerned for our fellow Victorians who are already starting to feel the impacts.

There is hardly a region of the state that has escaped the wide-ranging consequences of climate change. From agriculture to tourism, no industry is spared’.

You can submit your observations for inclusion on the map through this link.

The map can be found here.