It’s wonderful to have all this fresh snow. With the national parks and resorts in Victoria closed, this is relevant for people from NSW and the ACT who are heading to the mountains this weekend.

If you are heading into the backcountry, be aware that there will be some tough weather and snow conditions.

The Mountain Sports Collective (MSC) have produced a conditions report for the Main Range for the weekend. Key details are below. Please check the website for full details.

It is going to be another stormy day. Be prepared for whiteout navigation and carry an extra layer for the wintery conditions.

In the alpine, windslabs are the primary concern from the NW winds. Conservative route finding and careful snowpack evaluation are essential.

Also in the alpine beware of cornices. The new cornice development the past few days is likely touchy and may pull back further that you expect.

In the sub-alpine, there have been some instabilities within the storm snow noted from testing. Evaluate snow and terrain carefully and identify areas of concern.


NB: MSC is a membership based group. It aims to represent backcountry skiers and riders. Joining up helps MSC to produce these conditions reports. You can sign up here.