Jida Gulpilil is a proud Dhudhuroa man and in coming months will be sharing his stories of the mountains, valleys and rivers that make up his mother’s Country of the Dhudhuroa in the north east Victorian Alps. 

Jida says:

‘These sites are incredibly important to our people and need to be protected and our stories shared. Therefore, we encourage you to come a walk with us to grow a greater understanding and respect of our sites and places, culture and language, customs and ceremonies that all connect us to our totems and biodiversity. 

‘Give yourself the opportunity to truly understand this natural and cultural landscape from our perspective that will help to protect our waterways and landscapes for many more generations.

Jida can organise day long sessions where you will learn about:

  • Stone axe sites
  • Rock arty sites, including at Mt Pilot
  • Birthing trees
  • Language

2 day eco-tours can be arranged, with lodging at YMCA Howmans Gap Alpine Centre, Falls Creek Mountain.

Please see the posters below for details on costs.

Please forward your enquiries to: 


And DUMU Balcony Café, a social enterprise café in Bright, can offer catering providing a specialized native food experience for lunch.


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