The Victorian Backcountry Festival will happen at Hotham over three days (3, 4 and 5) in September (fingers crossed!).

Registration for the festival is now open.

Here is the program for the 2021 Victorian Backcountry Festival.

There are three ‘streams’: Indoor events with speakers and films, the outdoors tours and workshops, and other activities. You can already book in for many events and soon we will be opening up registrations for the core festival tours:

VBCF Tours

Join us and explore new Hotham terrain with local area experts from pros to skilled volunteers, suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Limited spots per tour.

The Razorback

Eagle’s Ridge

Dargo Bowl

Mt Higginbotham & Women’s Downhill

Mt Loch / Machinery Spur

Cobungra & Swindlers

Stay tuned for details on how to book in to these tours.