A number of small fires are burning in World Heritage Areas in lutruwita/ Tasmania. At this point details on each fire is fairly scare. This post will be updated as extra details arrive. Initial post: JAN 31, 2022.

UPDATE, 1 FEB: according to the Tas Fire Service website, all fires are still ‘Going’ (not yet contained). Some, such as the Davey Gorge fire, continue to be attacked from the air by helicopters.

The fires include:

A small fire at Dawsons Steps on the Huon River (listed as ‘Going’ but only 0.5 ha in size)

One at Mount Solitary, which is on an isolated island within Lake Gordon, the artificial lake which covers the original Lake Pedder (size unknown, Going in status)

Davey Gorge – currently being attacked by aircraft and 7 hectares in size (status is Going)

One on the Spiro Range, in the Southwest (‘Going’, unknown size)

One on the east side of New River Lagoon (‘Going’, unknown size).

‘Going’ means the fire has not yet been brought under control (‘Firefighting resources are deployed and control strategies are being implemented but are not yet in place’).

Davey Gorge

Image: Shannon Wells via twitter.

Further information available on the Tasmania Fire Service website.