It’s getting cold and the snow is starting to fall. Winter lovers are getting excited for a big winter. So it’s perfect timing for the release of a new backcountry safety film. The Australian Ski Patrol Association (ASPA) has launched its revamped SnowSafe website, which includes a new backcountry safety film and other videos.

The website contains links to the new film, produced by Stephen Curtain and featuring many ski patrollers and backcountry enthusiasts.

The film has:

– a 10-minute version

– a 2-minute trailer

– seven mini videos (showing you how to: 1. Prepare, 2. Plan, 3. Navigate, 4. Recognise + treat hypothermia, 5. Read constantly changing snow conditions, 6. Recognise avalanche hazard, 7. Self-rescue).

Be safe out there

We know that after two years of lockdowns and ‘on and off’ ski seasons, that both resorts and the backcountry will be really busy this winter. More people in the backcountry means more risks: from inexperienced people getting into trouble through getting lost or putting themselves into dangerous terrain, to multiple groups being in steep zones and one party triggering a slide on another.

We will need to travel smart and ski/ ride smart this winter. The video and ASPA website provide great resources for new and experienced backcountry users.

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