Australia’s alpine areas are much loved for their majestic landscapes and unique plants and animals. The heads of many rivers are found in their snowy peaks, bogs and streams. Almost a third of the Murray Darling Basin’s annual flows are born from the Alps.

But a marauding population of feral horses are trampling these unique high country habitats.

The good news? Senator Pocock has successfully launched a federal senate inquiry into feral horses in the Alps.

Have your say and make sure Australia’s much-loved Alpine wildlife and their habitats get the protections they deserve.

The following information comes from the Victorian National Parks Association.

‘We’re here to support as many individual submissions as we can. We’ve created a guide below to help you structure yours.

Make a submission

There are two ways you can contribute. Once you’ve finished, email your submission to the Committee Secretary or submit it through the Australian Parliament’s website (you need to use/create a new account).

Protect the Alps – help end the reign of hard hooves

Submissions have been extended – they are now due Friday 28 April.

You can find out more about the inquiry here.