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Ducane Range

The steepest couloir in Australia?

If you’ve ever walked or climbed in Tasmania, you’re probably aware of the eastern face of Mt Geryon in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. It has climbs of more than 350 metres in length and is a truly inspiring mountain environment. There are a series of couloirs that break the cliffs to the north of Geryon, along the spine of the Ducane Range.

Ben Armstrong recently skied the most impressive of these lines.

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Ducane Range, winter

The Acropolis & Geryon
The Acropolis & Geryon

Mountain Journal has been pretty serious of late. There’s lots of threats to the environments that we all love. But I figured it might be time for something a bit lighter.

These pics are from a mid winter trip into the Ducane Range & Castle Crag, central TAS.

There are some track notes here.

Ducane Range
Ducane Range
Castle Crag
Castle Crag



eastonern face of Gery
eastern face of Geryon


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