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The UpSide of a wet spring: lots of river running

What a spring. The rains and flooding just keep on going. It’s been snowing in the high country. Many events are being cancelled or rained out (luckily the recent Rogaining Victoria event at Mt Stirling dodged most of the rain), and Falls Creek is isolated from Mt Beauty until next year. Many dirt roads are impassable and there is widespread damage to the road network. On the plus side we won’t be facing fires in the high country any time soon, but its currently not great walking, riding or camping weather.

But there is one group who’s happy this spring: the paddling community. With epic conditions in our river valleys, even smaller streams are currently able to be paddled.

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A pack raft descent of the Dargo River

This is one of the lead stories in this year’s Mountain Journal magazine. It is about an expedition to packraft the Dargo River in the Victorian Alps.

Content by Daniel Sherwin. Intro by Kelly van den Berg.

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Pack rafting the Central Plateau

Pack rafting is the sport of hiking and rafting using a portable raft carried on one’s back. Pack rafts are designed to be light enough to be carried long distances. It is a relatively obscure recreation here in Australia, although growing in popularity.

Combining pack rafting and paragliding on the Central Plateau in lutruwita/ Tasmania is probably even more obscure. But it makes for a good adventure.

Jason MacLeod reports on a recent walking/ pack rafting/ paragliding adventure intended to mark his 50thbirthday.

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