The following information comes from the organisers (Alpine Gravity):

Image: Alpine Gravity
Image: Alpine Gravity

This series is the fastest growing series in Australia and one of the most popular formats of racing due to its fun nature and accessability to all types of riders and bikes. It isn’t hard core downhill, and not hard core uphill either, its a great mix of 70% FLOWING DESCENDING TRAILS, and 30% UNDULATING. Without the technical downhill sections, and no massive long climbs like a cross country race, its the prefect event for all riders. The perfect bike would be a 4-6 inch travel bike, but all courses are ride-able on a basic mountain bike.

The Elevation Gravity Enduro series is a two day event, with practice all day Saturday, then short practice session Sunday morning, then racing all day Sunday. When you arrive at the event, you make your way to the registration tent, grab your number plate from your pre online entry and then make your way to the transport pick up. We put your bike on a special bike carrying trailer and you then jump in a vehicle and we take you and your bike to the top of the mountain, and then you ride down….EASY!!!

Registration is open at every event from 8am Saturday, and transport to the top is 9am-4pm. Rego is then open from 8am Sunday, with transport ALSO starting at 8am until 11.30am when official practice ends. All individual rider and class start times are posted up at registration and is also announced over the P.A. system so you know when and where to be.

You then catch transport up the hill for TWO timed runs, and your FASTEST run counts as your result. If you are happy with your first run, your second run is optional and not mandatory.

Event location: Mt Buller, one hour from Mansfield, three hours north east from Melbourne

course description: town center to gang gangs to delatite trail

trail length: approx 13 kms long

course elevation drop: 1000 vertical meters/3000 vertical feet

rough course time: 25 minutes

descending: 800 metres

climbing: 200 metres