The run is to be held on 23 November 2014.

The following comes from Running Wild.

The Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run forms the cornerstone of the Dinner Plain Mountain Running Festival along with the Great Alpine Road half marathon and 10km fun run. Set in the picturesque alpine village of Dinner Plain at 1569m the course takes in a range of run distances from entry level runners to the more experienced trail runner, offering opportunities for mum, dad and the kids to get out and experience this pristine alpine environment.

Short course distance of 4km and 7km are great for the kids and those just wanting to stretch their legs allowing scenic walking trails. For the more experienced, the 21km and 32km courses take in more challenging and historic runs through the Alpine National Park, Mt Hotham Village and the historic Cobungra Ditch.

Soak up the pristine alpine environment and challenge yourself to run at an altitude above 1600 metres (one mile) and join the Dinner Plain Mile High club.

“The alps offer a different environment for runners, not only is the air thinner at a mile high but the water is fresher and temperatures cooler”, said Gary Battershill, owner of Peppers Rundells Alpine Lodge.

Check here for full details and to register.