Main Range Backcountry is offering ski mountaineering courses on the Main Range in the Snowies.

They say:

The rope can be a valuable tool for ski touring, but without any training in its use, can be dangerous or even provide a false sense of security. This course is designed to teach you basic rope handling and movement on snow and ice with crampons and ice axes. If you have a small group, the day can be customised to your needs, whether you want to access and ski big lines, with a larger margin of safety or are looking at getting into mountaineering from hiking or climbing.

Who is this course ideal for:

Skiers who want to add a simple but valuable tool set to their tours, increasing their safety on harder lines and difficult approaches.

Climbers wishing to get an introduction to moving around on snow, perhaps before an alpine rock climbing trip.
Skiers who wish to ski overseas, on glaciated terrain and would like an introduction before a more comprehensive glacier travel course.
Hikers/climbers/skiers who are going to attend a TMC or similar overseas, and want to learn some pre skills to get more out of that trip.
Our instructors will fit you out with all the necessary equipment, ensure that you are properly clothed and ready for your journey.
Some of the subjects covered will include:

  • The use of specialist alpine climbing equipment such as ice tools, crampons, ice-screws and snow-stakes.
  • How to set up secure belay anchors on snow and ice, including ski anchors.
  • Abseiling on snow.
  • Efficient rope handling and belaying skills for mountaineering and ski mountaineering.
  • Climbing techniques for snow and ice.

Moderate fitness and some basic rock climbing experience is also useful but is not compulsory

Group size 4-6 people per class.

Contact us for more information on dates and bookings