Having received an overwhelmingly positive response from its original screening in Mansfield, the AdventurePro Video Festival is now going on tour.

A grassroots adventure film competition organised by AdventurePro is due to reappear for a screening at Mount Buller in July.

The collection of locally-produced adventure films was shown at Mansfield’s Armchair Cinema last month and provided an opportunity for independent filmmakers to win a cash prize.

While it’s only the second year the festival has been run, organiser Colin Kneebone has been prompted by positive feedback to provide the public further opportunities to see its films.

You only had to look at the wide-eyes and big smiles on people’s faces as they emerged from the theatre to know the event was a success,” Kneebone said.

There was a real buzz in the air as the premiere brought together a broad spectrum of people to celebrate the outdoors.”

Showcasing just about every possible outdoor adventure sport imaginable, each video is intended to be enjoyed by the whole family. As such, the festival has been drawing interest from people of all ages.

A trailer for the 2015 festival has been released on YouTube, which also incorporates a promo for next year’s competition.

The 2015 festival highlights the passion people have for the outdoors and outdoor activities through touching narratives, amazing journeys, outdoor education stories and some stunning visuals,” Kneebone explained.

Beyond the upcoming Mount Buller screening, the organiser is also planning an upcoming showing in Melbourne as well as preparing for the 2016 event.

The festival’s next screening will be during the school holidays at the Mount Buller Cinema on Saturday the 4th of July from 7pm to 9.30pm, with tickets available from the AdventurePro website.