This news is from the end of winter, but still worth noting. Mt Hotham has announced it is investing $4.4m in snow making for winter 2016. The investment includes 18 Techno-Alpin fan guns. These guns are often said to be amongst the most efficient that are available. The company claims that in the last “ten years we have been able to decrease energy consumption by 30%, or, leaving energy consumption static, increase snow production by 30%”.

General Manager Belinda Trembath says “This is the single biggest investment in snowmaking at Hotham since we partnered with government in 2008 to install the Loch snowmaking dam.”

The expanded snowmaking will cover more trails on Heavenly Valley, the intermediate terrain serviced by the Roadrunner lift, and the Beginner terrain in the Summit area. Installation will happen through summer and autumn, with a substantial new network of pipelines being put in.