This is a novel way of raising awareness about the proposal for the Great Forest National Park – riding a bike through the forests and posting updates about the amazing things and places to be found in the Central Highlands.

The following comes from Aidan Kempster, writing on their Chuffed page.

I ride to “start a Conversation about Conservation” using my beard and my bike as my talking tools.

I will be touring the proposed Great Forest National Park with nothing but green pedal power to transport me on my journey in this special place. Along the way I will be riding and meeting with other supporters, sharing my passion for the environment and bearing witness to the beauty of Victoria’s forests.

I’m being supported by BeardsOn for Conservation ( with solar equipment so I can send updates from the bush and other goods where 100% of all funds raised will go towards regeneration efforts.

You can follow my ride on Facebook page Riding for the Great Forest

For more information about the proposed Great Forest National Park, send me a message while I’m out exploring it or visit the website,