Catch the steepest and deepest in high-adrenaline outdoor sport films with the 2016 Radical Reels Australian tour. Hurtle down steep rocky paths, push the boundaries of human stamina and climbing exposure, paddle huge drops and massive white water, ski pristine backcountry steeps and fly into unchartered territory over the beautiful mountain ranges.


Growing from the largest and most prestigious mountain film festival, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Radical Reels screens the most dynamic action sports films, audience-tested and programmed for maximum excitement. To be selected for the tour, films need to have the adrenaline level turned up to the max.  The tour features 8 films covering skiing/boarding, mountain bike riding, wingsuit/ paragliding, climbing, photography/ adventure and kayaking.

There are screenings in all capital cities from now through to the end of November. 

Check out for screening dates, to purchase tickets and for more information about the film. Tickets are selling out fast!