The Mt Buffalo Chalet was built in 1910 and run for many years by the Victorian railway authority. It is an incredible building in a remarkable location, just near the Gorge in the Buffalo National Park.

It has been closed since 2007 and fallen into disrepair. Sections of the building have been demolished because it would have been prohibitively expensive to renovate the whole complex.

There have been various attempts under two state governments to have the restored and re-opened, but none of these efforts have been successful. Meanwhile, the remaining buildings have continued to deteriorate.

Now a group of people have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds to compliment the funds that have been committed by the Victorian Government.

The group organising the Pozible campaign says:

Whilst the overall sum required for the complete restoration of Mt Buffalo Chalet is still being determined, the first step in the process is to secure funding that will ensure the building is weatherproof prior to the onset of winter 2017. The overall estimate for replacement weatherboards for the entire building is $1 million.

Our first milestone, on the way to reaching this target is to secure at least the first $100,000 by to 31 December 2016.

You can find out more, and pledge funds here.

For an update on the works being carried out at the Chalet, please check here.