Yes, winter teaches us many things. Including patience (and despair, like when an expected snow storm turns out to be rain). But after those mid May snowfalls I feel like it’s now testing us at a time when we should be getting reacquainted with the joys of fresh snow and early snowpack, and nice lines in the backcountry …

It now seems that the front that was expected to arrive from tomorrow has weakened to the point where even the southern mountains of Victoria will miss out on snow.

Fronts become more likely from Friday 23rd onwards, but there are still no strong indications of a significant snow event. And while the cold clear conditions have been good for making snow in the resorts, most backcountry terrain is looking pretty threadbare.

MountainWatch has snow forecasts for all Australian resorts (available here). Sadly, hitting ‘refresh’ doesn’t seem to make the snow arrive any quicker.