Kuark forest is located in far East Gippsland, Victoria. This magnificent forest is home to rare rainforest and endangered animals.

Logging of Kuark forest has previously destroyed the habitat of endangered forest Owls, Potoroos and Gliding possums. It’s also impacting on unique rainforest types, found nowhere else on earth. Kuark, which is just south of the Cool Temperate Forests of the Errinundra Plateau, contains stands of Warm temperate species which have evolved from tropical species that colonised Australia millions of years ago when the continent was joined to Papua New Guinea and Asia. These tropical like species slowly migrated down the east coast and East Gippsland is the most southerly extent of many of their distributional ranges (you can find additional information on the Kuark here and previous Mountain Journal stories are here).

VicForests is currently preparing to log some of the most spectacular old growth forest remaining in Victoria, wit logging equipment being moved into the coupe this week.

A road has been pushed into the forest and logging is likely to commence this week.

This forest has never been logged and is part of one of the most significant remaining stands of old growth forest left in Victoria with trees older than 400 years.

Logging has not yet started, so there’s still time to stop it.

Please email the Minister here calling on her to stop the logging of this ancient forest and complete the state government’s current review of protections for large old trees in East Gippsland. More than 2,000 people have already supported this action – and numbers will make a difference.