A new campaign has been launched to create a continuous park from the coastline of East Gippsland to the mountains, which will be called the Emerald Link.

In the far east of Victoria is one of the last wild places in Australia – East Gippsland’s Emerald Link.

These forests form the only continuous tract of vegetation that remains on mainland Australia—from snowy alpine peaks to the shores of untouched coastlines.

The Emerald Link contains forests untouched for millennia. They are a haven for rare and threatened species of plants and animals—many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Our vision is to protect the forests of the last unbroken forest wilderness area, on mainland Australia, that connects alpine forests to the rugged coastline.

With improved management and greater investment, the supreme natural beauty of East Gippsland’s Emerald Link can become a world-class conservation tourism destination.

You can find out about the campaign and the details on the proposal here.