East Gippsland is the only place on mainland Australia with continuous forests from the alps to the sea.

The vision to see the Emerald Link created seeks to protect this precious landscape and biodiversity and create a viable economic future based on nature tourism.

Last year, Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) shot a stunning film about the proposal. Produced by award winning cinematographer David Franjic from Colour Chorus. The Emerald Link film captures the wild beauty of East Gippsland’s forests and the stories of the people who love it. It is being launched on July 7.

The Emerald Link will protect globally significant forests in the far east of Victoria.

The proposal will create a continuous network of protected areas from the Australian alps to the wild East Gippsland coast.

We’re screening the film for the very first time on July 7 at Loop Bar at Meyers Place in Melbourne’s CBD.

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