Back in 2008, Stephen Curtain released ‘Winter Dreaming: an Australian Alps freeheel film’. It was a telemark ski movie which was filmed largely in the Snowy Mountains and a number of spots in north eastern Victoria, including the iconic eastern face of Mt Feathertop.

Ten years on, Stephen revisited some of the footage from the Feathertop scenes and re-packaged it into a 10 minute film called ‘Winter Dreaming. The backstory, Feathertop backcountry and beyond’ for the inaugural Victorian backcountry festival, held at Falls Creek in September 2018.

Apart from including some of the best skiing and landscape footage from the original, it is also bookended by some reflections from Stephen about how the world is changing so quickly because of climate change. He reflects on the 3 metre snow base that was common in the early 1990s and looks towards what is coming. He also briefly looks to the impact of Antarctica on the weather we get here and how climate change impacts there will impact on the future snow we get.

You can watch the film here.

You can still rent or buy the original film here.