This is a great bit of leadership from Aspen Skiing Company. They have recently unrolled a new activist campaign, called Give A Flake, which invites skiers and non-skiers alike to speak out against climate change inaction, with the launch of a variety of online tools that help activists easily contact their elected officials.

Under the banner of ‘Protect Your Passion. Join the Movement’, Aspen says ‘Sometimes caring about an issue isn’t enough. You have to do something. It’s time to turn our concern about climate change — and yours — into action’.

USA residents can use the Give A Flake website to find out where the elected officials in their area stand on climate change. Then, via Twitter, users can tweet at their local leaders with images and statements that Aspen Skiing Co. has already curated.

The campaign also provides a simple online form that activists can quickly fill out to get through to the phones of both supporters and deniers of climate change.

You can find the website here.

Click here to send your own #giveaflake Tweet.

Or check the hashtag #GIVEAFLAKE on social media platforms.

More and more resorts are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, which is fantastic. But this is a very welcome development from Aspen, which is pushing out of ‘safe’ terrain into the world of activism. Well done.