The Backcountry Film Festival is produced each year by the Winter Wildlands Alliance as a celebration of the human-powered experience and a gathering place for the backcountry snowsports community. The 2018-19 Backcountry Film Festival will tour over 100 cities around the world, including Melbourne.

The Melbourne show of the backcountry film festival (the BCFF) will happen in April or May 2019. Location will be in the inner city (to be announced soon).

Check the trailer for the season here.

Do you have a film we could screen?

The BCFF package is put together by the USA-based Winter Wildlands Alliance and has 10 films in the 2018/19 season.

We normally introduce the festival with a locally made backcountry film.

Last year we screened Mount Townsend 2209 – an Australian Freeride Story. (available here).

If you would like to offer a film for a screening, and its suitable to show an all age crowd of backcountry enthusiasts (and its under 7 minutes long) please get in touch.

Get in touch

If you would like to go on the announce list for the 2019 screenings or want to offer a film for the screening, please email Cam:

Full details on the 2019 screening will be announced here soon.